Hardware Design/Software Design Business

To increase the level of abstraction in hardware and software design, Profound offers state-of-the-art technology and operates in the following areas:

  • Virtual Platform(VPF)
  • High Level Synthesis(HLS)
  • Domain Specific Modeling(DMS)
The outline of each is as follows.

  • Virtual Platform(VPF)
  • We are performing virtual platform constraction and consulting using "QEMU + SystemC", and provide virtual platform construction technology combining the free CPU emulator QEMU and SystemC. You can use this virtual environment to develop software in advance before the target machine is completed. In addition, embedded software education can be implemented without using a real machine.

  • High Level Synthesis(HLS)
  • High-level synthesis is a technology that describes the operation of a circuit using SystemC or C / C ++ and automatically generates RTL (Register Transfer Level) from the description. We have nearly 15 years of experience and knowledge in designing with high-level synthesis tools, and based on that we are developing the following businesses:

    • Contract development of high-level synthesizable SystemC model
    • High-level synthesis consulting

  • Domain Specific Modeling(DMS)
  • We provide modeling services and consulting using MetaEdit + from Finland's MetaCase. Without fear of misunderstanding, MetaEdit + is a high-performance drawing tool, and MetaEdit + enables you to quickly develop a customer-specific graphical input tool.


Blockchain Business

Building on our experience in designing ASICs for Bitcoin mining in 2015, we are developing the following blockchain businesses:

  • Development of "virtual graffiti app" using blockchain
  • Holding of block chain seminar
The outline of each is as follows.

  • Development of virtual graffiti app Kokorobakari using blockchain
  • Kokorobakari Technical Report

    Virtual graffiti app Kokorobakari is an app that allows you to donate to the region as thanks to the impression while leaving the impression on the spot on the spot as a blockchain. We have obtained a domestic patent for the "virtual graffiti system". The features of Kokorobakari are as follows.

    • Graffiti on the road
      • Encourage impression into the block chain
      • Can last forever
        • No worries if the app company breaks down
        • No need to backup yourself
    • With Gratitude for the land
      • Donation using cryptocurrency
      • No need for complicated procedures

  • Holding of blockchain seminar